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About Us

Who we are

Codytek is a software development house, that employs the best talent in the world of web and mobile app development, backed by years of experience working with clients worldwide.

Codytek is different than other software companies, in that we don’t just get requirements from you, build the software and then go, in the contrary, we sit with our clients, we understand their product and their needs, and we become their technology partner or technical department. Our clients success is ours.

Codytek worked for international clients in the fields of health tech, building social networks, customised software solutions for fencing and multiple other fields as well. We don’t tie ourselves to specific fields, we work with clients that we believe they share their passion with us.

We are solving the problem of startup founders having great idea but lack on the technical and programming side, we are passionate about making ideas a reality, we build the technical product for startups and companies so they can focus on the business side.


Our Services

What we do
  • Custom Web Development

    Custom Web Development

    We have long experience building customised software solutions for our clients.

    Tell us what you need and we will understand your need, and transform it to something tangible.

    We built software for medical companies, electronic medical records companies, social apps and much more.

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Hybrid Mobile App Development

    We are passionate about what the web can bring to the mobile world.

    We use the state of art technologies and frameworks to build apps that are performant and intuitive.

    if you are a startup company wanting to build your mobile app, we have been there, and we have built apps for startups starting from the MVP up to the real thing.

  • Website Design and Development

    Website Design and Development

    Your clients are online, and so should be your business, let's build your online presence, we will do it in style.

    Checkout out our portfolio section below, we have built websites that makes your business shine.

  • Content Writing

    Content Writing

    You want fresh and relevant content on your website, we got you covered.

    Our writers can't wait to deliver the content and blog articles for your business.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Promote your brand and reach out to your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...,etc. We got you covered

Our Portfolio

And we're proud

We have put together the best of our experience, the best of our talents and this is the result. Every time we make a plan we put in discussion to arrive at an excellent design.


We like making people smile

We could talk for hours about how good we are and efficient but your opinion will always be the truest and most important. We are the agency with 99.9% of satisfied customers.

  • Medicfusion

    Dean Rottinghaus, Founder, VP of Sales and Development

    Codytek, under the direction of Ahmad Abu-omar, built the entire platform for our EMR. I hired them in 2006, when I began my EMR company, and Codytek continues to do great development work for me now. I would not be able to do it without them!


  • Lihaoma

    Benjamin Claeys, CEO

    We had a great experience with Ahmad and his team, they helped us to develop our app and website from scratch, they work very organised and follow up good. Also when we had bugs they where quick to find out what went wrong and how to fix it. Working on a new project is always a challenge, Ahmad and his team helped us trough this challenge and learned us also how to structure our project better. Working now 2 years together we are proud of the result we have.

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Codytek, Floor #2, Adel Masri Building, Almasyon, Ramallah, Palestine

Do you have any idea in mind? Contact us, we will give you the answer you expect.